My solo backpacking gear list for 2018 


People in the Northwest say that summer starts — and rainy season ends — on July 4. And while we’ve had a lot of sunny days already this year I will say that my manic summer wanderlust feelings have only just kicked into full gear. This year is strange! How is it summer already? Is it already half over? Why am I freaking out? How strong the pull of vitamin D deficient existential dread!

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Pacific Northwest Summer Plans: Where I’m Camping, Climbing, and Shooting the Nightsky


For those of us in the Northwest, the summer is hereeee. Actually it’s like at least a third over please do not bring it up. So far my summer is super different than last year, when I took a health & wanderlust-necessitated sabbatical from my very plugged-in job as a tech editor to acquire some outdoor skills and generally roam around. And roam I did! It didn’t seem like that much roaming at the time, but looking back I went on a lot of adventures.

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