My solo backpacking gear list for 2018 


People in the Northwest say that summer starts — and rainy season ends — on July 4. And while we’ve had a lot of sunny days already this year I will say that my manic summer wanderlust feelings have only just kicked into full gear. This year is strange! How is it summer already? Is it already half over? Why am I freaking out? How strong the pull of vitamin D deficient existential dread!

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Gear List: My essentials for camping & hiking (2016) 


Try as I might to soften my vice grip on the material world, I’m a gearhead at heart.

In my six long (and not necessarily over) years as a technology writer, I spent thousands of hours examining the tools we employ to make our lives richer. From smartphones and software to mirrorless cameras and even ridiculous full-body sleeping bag onesies, I’ve reviewed a lot of stuff over the years. But my interest has never been about the stuff itself; but instead the way that new tools can shape and reshape behavior. Yes, it’s a pretty cerebral way to admit that I love talking about gear. So let’s do that.

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