My year in the woods

This year I quite literally went into the wilderness.

And yet, here I am. I set out to write a book about VR, which hasn’t exactly materialized because I think you do in fact need a cabin for that, a tent will not suffice. The irony is not lost on me.

About nine months later, I came back to the daily tech news cycle. It’s second nature, scanning tweetdeck much like riding a bike. It feels as though nothing changed. With a few exceptions, stories I’d followed for months with loose ends, it was all the same. Tech didn’t change, and that felt confusing. In the months I spent hiking, dragging my tent up a mountain, plunging into crystal clear glacial waters, watching wildlife, I didn’t feel pulled away. Cursory updated confirmed: indeed tech’s big players remained, VR has yet to manifest on a consumer level, and no one I know is wearing a smartwatch.

How could this be?

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