Solo Selfies of 2016


Last year I slammed the be-stickered lid of my MacBook shut and sought out the outside. Over the course of 2016, I slept in the woods for at least one cumulative month, spending as much time on day hikes and other adventures as possible. Because I was most often alone, a lot of that time is kind of strange to recall, sort of surreal beyond the altitude weirdness and calorie deficits. It wasn’t lonely, usually. Just sort of quiet, a stillness shaped by the perceptible absence of someone to share the moment. And many of those moments were spent seeing some of the most beautiful mountains, glaciers, flowers, canyons and everything else that I’ve ever seen.

Usually I’d take a selfie, just to be sure I was still real. Behold, a concise tour of my 2016 adventure life in sun-squinted selfies.

Joshua Tree day hike in 115 degree weather

img_0834.jpgScouting out McKenzie pass & (the lack of) spring access to the Sisters

Really Cool looks on the Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier

Even less cool looks later that afternoon

Taking the PCT into Goat Rocks wilderness

Rope team training on Mt. Hood with Portland’s Mazamas

img_0607.jpgSnowy on the spring summit of Mount St. Helens

Sunset on the descent from South Sister (I was with my friend Gibbs but we were spaced out a bit!)

Mt. Rainier, some distance below Camp Muir and above some other stuff? Made this cool face 4 u

Goat Rocks, this one is cheating: ran into some people who were taking thru hiker’s photos (I was not thru hiking, just backpacking for two nights to climb Old Snowy)

Looking deranged on the summit of Old Snowy

Rainy blue lake in North Cascades National Park

Walk damply and carry a big stick (you rented) in Zion’s Narrows (also cheating/random strangers wanted me to have a picture of myself)

Early season Dog Mountain sans flowers in the Columbia River gorge

Coyote Wall on the Columbia River

After hiking around in the San Jacinto mountains in Southern California

A hike I forgot the name of in the rain on Mt. Hood that I did not love

Apparently a hot day on top of Hamilton Mountain

My first time up Cascade Pass in the North Cascades

See I’m not always alone just like 70% of the time! With Evie, my person, my second time in Joshua Tree, hiking Ryan Mountain in December 2016


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