WTF is OutxLab?

mt hood

accidental glitch art of mt hood

After seven strange years of hunting, chasing, pouncing on, breaking, and taping-back-together technology news, I called it quits in early 2016—for now, anyway. I’m the first to admit that I have no idea what happens next!

That’s why I made this blog, probably. I needed a place to put my thoughts and feels, man. 

During my time away from the newsroom, I intend to sleep in a lot of tents, hike up and also down many mountains, write a book or two nbd how hard can that be, and get back into 📷-graphy.

I am meditating on my well-being is that hyphenated while slowing things down and remembering how to do one thing at a time. I will write about doing those one things or maybe things that are not those one things here.

The x in the name [aka the diamond in Out💎Lab aka the very fast rocket ship Out🚀Lab] means idek what this website is about yet. But i’m not letting that stop me, no sir. It’s like a science reference ok!

Solving for x may include:

+ adventure recaps

+ astrophotography

+ experiments + projects

+ queer stuff

+ gear reviews

+ thinkpieces!!!

+ blog entries about actually anything

+ snake emoji duh



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